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Tired of trying to make a reciprocal agreement work with another bank?  Getting the run-around from your software vendor?  Or just weary of trying to re-install your software at a generic, non-banking DR facility?

Let us help you with restores, sort patterns, reformats and all the drother tasks associated with disaster recovery.  Check21 and remote capture bring new challenges and possibilities to business continuity planning.

LD Systems is able to help you incorporate these exciting new developments into your plan.  Let us rebuild your check processing system at our facility and reconnect your branch capture stations to the system—if you suffer a disaster at your main facility, your branches may be perfectly intact—why not continue remote capture in a disaster?  An internet connection at the branch can support this process, depending upon the software system you utilize.

Standard Service Includes:

  • Reconstruction of your check image system using the backup media you bring to the site with you.  Our staff will work with you and your vendor to rebuild a working system.
  • Support for electronic inclearing receipt from Fed or your correspondent.  You’ll need to bring your credentials with you to the Disaster Recovery facility.
  • Support for electronic presentation of your outbound letter to the endpoint(s) of your choice.  As with the inclearings, you’ll need to bring the required credentials, tokens, etc., with you in
    order to make this possible.  We’ll provide the computers and internet connection to enable your
    transmission and assist you with the technical aspects of the setup.

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