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S-100 Series Heavy Duty Coin Counters/Sorters
S-100 Series offers high speed and accuracy in a durable, compact design


  • Ease of Use— The S-100 Series Coin Counters feature simple adjustments for setting the coin's diameter and thickness and presets for all U.S. coins (other coin sized presets available).
  • Electric/Electronic Operation–– The S-100 Series operate automatically for the ultimate in high speed counting & sorting. The electronic counting system provides an easy selection of variable bagging and packaging stop points.
  • Control PanelThe S-120 and S-140 models feature a push-button control panel which provides the functions used most often by the operator.
  • Coin Sorting— These models feature an off-sort function to count and optionally bag or package the largest coin and separate the smaller coins into a second bag or tray. This feature can also be used to separate foreign coins or tokens from your coins.
  • High Speed— These counters are capable of processing coins at ultra-high speeds yet are quieter than many other coin counters.
  • Exceptional Durability— Both the S-120 and S-140 feature a solid metal chassis and heavy duty metal components designed to withstand the heavy use found in commercial counting applications.
  • International Models— The S-100 series counters are available with control panels for Canadian and Mexican coins.
  • Portable Applications— The S-120 model is portable in design for easy transport or storage. When open, the lid acts as an inspection tray for feeding coins into the hopper. When closed, it protects the control panel and hopper so the unit can be transported using the built-in carrying handle.
  • Packaging/Wrapping— Optional packaging tubes are available for U.S./Canadian/Euro and many other foreign coins.

Download Semacon S-100 Series Heavy Duty Coin Counters/Sorters brochure (.pdf)


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