Self service ATM’s can keep us moving forward in the face of pandemic

In this current climate, many banks have shifted their attention toward the future. Self-service ATM’s are such a reality. I was there in person when they had a private reveal of the new Hyosung line of self-serve machines that had a whole new array of features, such as cash recycling and remote teller assistance. Of course, this was before the pandemic hit. We all knew this was the way forward in how banks provide alternative solutions for customers, while still keeping teller interactions, but now it seems to be an imperative piece of how to serve customers in our new environment.

Because so many banks are moving this direction, I believe that the next 5 years there will be a huge gap between those of us who transform and those who don’t. It was bound to happen anyways, but now the timeline has just been pushed up. What better way to expand your presence and still keep customer service at the forefront than to use the self-service model.

If you happen to be a football fan maybe this will speak to your heart. What separates regular coaches from great ones, is not how they play the first two quarters. It’s how they shift at halftime and bring home the game.

Now is our halftime moment. Educating ourselves will determine how we play in the last half.

As I sign off don’t forget we are here to inform and we are here for any questions you may have on your future branch. Click here to view our full line of self-service machines.

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