Official Nautilus Hyosung MX8800 Demo

Official Nautilus Hyosung MX8800 Demo

The way customers interact with Financial Institutions is undergoing a fundamental change.

With the proliferation of internet, mobile devices, smartphones, tablets and social media, branch banking is now facing competition like never before.

In order to stay relevant, branches must deploy technology and optimize the self-service channel.

A digitally-enabled branch with modernized ATMs and video banking creates the optimal experience for your customers and branch staff.

That is what branch transformation is all about – improving efficiency, creating a greater customer experience and increasing convenience.

One of today’s most cutting-edge branch transformation technologies is the MX8800 by Nautilus Hyosung.

The MX8800 is a flexible, compatible and scalable self-service banking kiosk that creates an unmatched experience for its users.

Unlike traditional ATMs, the MX8800 offers ten additional types of transaction options including loan payment processing and cash withdrawals to upwards of a thousand dollars in ANY denomination.

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