Live Remote Monitoring

Monitoring Services

Our solution is currently being utilized by Car Dealerships, Banks, Credit unions, Supermarkets, Gas stations, and many more.

  • Guard Supplement/Replacement

  • Outdoor Asset Protection

  • Audible Sirens and lights can be added

  • Panic Alarm Response

  • Video Analytics Solutions

  • ATM – Interactive Video Solutions

  • Intrusion Alarm Video Verification

  • Proactive Video Guard Tours

  • Compliance Reporting

  • On-Demand – Video Guard Tours

  • Parking Garage Emergency Stations

Our monitoring solution can be paired with the ATM gate for a complete solution or we can even do live monitoring on your entire location. Gas stations, Banks, Credit Unions, Stadiums, just to name a few.

Thieves often run when someone comes over a speaker telling them the police have been contacted and that they are being watched.

Scenario 1: A staff member is alone inside the store and a suspicious car is parked outside of the building. The Staff member calls us and asks us to make an announcement asking “You in the red car please leave the premises or police will be notified.” Over our system. Then we watch as the staff member gets to their car safely.

Scenario 2: Thieves arrive on-site to steal an ATM or Car, even if they are unsuccessful they normally leave thousands in damages. Our team comes on the loudspeaker and tells the intruder “You in the white shirt and mask, please leave as police have been called and are on the way.” This sends intruders running before they can cause too much damage or complete their objective.

We offer high-quality monitoring services that include the following:

  • UL Listed Monitoring Center
  • Burglary Alarm

  • Fire Alarm

  • Supervisory and critical condition

  • PERS

  • The Monitoring Association Five Diamond Central Station Certification

  • World-class alarm and inbound call response times

  • ASAP to PSAP participating Central Station

  • Friendly and Highly-Trained Monitoring Agents

  • Custom Scripting and Alarm Procedures to Meet All of Your Alarm Response Protocol Requirements

  • Latest Technology Supporting All Standard and IP Alarm Panels

Panels supported include:

  • Honeywell

  • Bosch

  • DMP

  • DCS

  • 2GIG


  • & Many others