Quick ATM buyers guide for retail machines

If you own a business, you know that every bit of profit makes a difference. Even better than income, is passive income. ATM machines have been a great way for businesses to increase revenue while also decreasing operating costs.  

You may be asking yourself; how does an ATM decrease my operating costs? Well, I can guarantee that almost every person reading this article is currently accepting some form of Credit Card payments. As you well know CC payments come with those pesky processing fees.


  • Gives the option for customers to pay with cash
  • Earn extra income off of ATM surcharge fees
  • Reduced CC transactions and therefore less money lost on the transaction

Most retail ATMs now are quite durable and run for many years. If you want peace of mind, many companies offer some kind of yearly maintenance program.

Here are some of our top retail ATM picks:

Genmega 2500

Hyosung Halo II

How you make money:

Most ATM owners charge anywhere from $2-$3 surcharge fees. Every person that draws cash will bring in a new revenue stream for you.


Benefits of owning an ATM:

Growing Customer base: ATMs can also be used to pull in new business. If you put a sign outside your business you will get walk-ins just to use the machine. This equals more surcharge fees and new possible customers for your business.

Reduced credit card fees: Businesses that have ATMs located in their location on average receive more cash payments. Lowering your CC fees and collecting that surcharge.

Keep in mind If you can’t get the support you need, then it doesn’t matter how much you pay, you will be unhappy. Make sure you get references!

We are always here to help and answer any questions you may have and do the buying journey with you. If you want to join the LD System family get a quote today.

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