Teller Cash Recyclers | MS-500S TCR

Incredibly compact design for the modern branch.
The MS-500S delivers all of the functionality of the MS-500 standard in a small package. Features such as transit cassette, self-audit, and continuous feed are all included in this mini powerhouse. Our approach in designing a compact TCR was different. We didn’t want our customers to choose between features and size, so we created the MS-500S.


Our external transit cassette dramatically reduces cash exposed and is interchangeable with other Hyosung products:

  • Verified operators can add and remove cash from the recycler without opening the safe.

  • Securely move cash inside the branch, from one device to another, and for CIT activities.


Say goodbye to time-consuming hand counting.

  • Single Denomination Audit

  • Accurate and Quick

  • Audit Anytime

Cash count

With a built-in currency counter, quick cash counts are easy.

High capacity

  • 10,000 note total capacity (about $200,000)

  • 100% stacking cassettes, no outdated RSM cassettes

  • Recycling cassettes are denomination configurable to meet your unique needs

windows 10

Not all TCRs are created equal. Equip your branch with the best and most digitally secure system platform available.

continuous feed

The continuous feed capability allow bulk deposit processing without slow down.

  • The highest speed and continuous feed combined make a big difference in branches where there are large commercial deposit.

comes standard with:

  • UL291 Level 1 Safe

  • Cencon Lock

  • 8 Medium Recycling Cassettes (1,000 Notes Each)

  • 7″ LCD with Touchscreen Display

  • Intel ATOM QuadCore Processor

  • Continuous Feed

  • Win 7 & Win 10 Compatible