How does a Teller Cash Recycler Work?

A Teller Cash Recycler or (TCR) is a machine that gets rid of manual counting of cash and turns teller transactions into a fast and reliable process. We often hear the words Branch Transformation and Cash Recyclers go hand-in-hand when Banks or Credit Unions want to optimize their branches. Yes of course we sell Recyclers, but we will try and give you the facts and be as unbiased as we can. If you are a visual person heres a short video for you.

Click here for the technical breakdown of the Hyosung Monisafe 500 Recycler

Pretty simple right? This allows for a much faster turn around for your customers looking to deposit or withdraw cash at teller lines, or drive throughs.

So why would I want my own TCR?

So here is the break down:

  1. Teller places cash into the TCR bin

  2. The notes then travel into the machine, where sensors count and evaluate the notes for condition, authenticity, and denomination.

  3. A reject bin collects notes that are unfit or counterfeit.

  4. A safe houses cassettes (a bit like a money drawer) that collects valid notes.

  5. When it comes time that a customer wants a withdraw, the cash is recycled and dispensed back into the bin for the teller.


  • Faster teller transactions with customers

  • Customers wait less time for teller to count cash

  • Cash is stored in a safe

  • Use a fraction of cash needed for a teller drawer. freeing up capital for the bank or credit union

  • Less human error and more reliable counts

  • time that tellers used counting before, they can now use connecting with the customer or member


There really are not many cons about these machines. Cash Recyclers are being adopted at a faster rate every year with Branch Transformation being a hot topic in the FI world. We have come up with a few cons/things to consider before buying a TCR.

  • Cost. Yes we are all thinking it. “What will this COST me?” With Recyclers you are looking at about $15,000 – $40,000 depending on functionality and size of the unit.

  • Training. Of course with any new piece of equipment you will have to train your team on how it works.

  • Adaptation period. Tellers have done things a certain way for some time now and this is a completely new process. Of course when they realize how much simpler this makes their life, tellers often don’t mind.

  • Maintenance. You want to be sure you choose a reliable model. Most of the major TCR’s out there are actually very dependable nowadays.

Do I need one?

At the end of the day you know what is best for you and your institution. Our bet is that you are seeing the benefits of Branch Transformation. We believe that Teller Cash Recyclers are a great place to start. If you have any questions please feel free to email our highly devoted team of experts.

Have More Questions?

We are happy to help you through this process or answer any questions you may have. Our team will answer any questions without trying to “sell” you. And as always you have the LDsystems Guarantee “if we cant get you what you need, we will help find you someone who can.” – Cliff E Dean (CEO)

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