Increase Customer Engagement

Encourage More ATM Transactions with Custom Backlit Surrounds

The New Back Lit Surround portrays the pride of your community and the beauty of your geography.
A unique way of focusing attention on your brand. They will never forget your name.

For financial institutions, ATMs have been an important, if not the biggest, source of revenue and cost recovery for years. However, due to various reasons, ATM profitability has significantly declined over the period. One of the many reasons behind this decline has been — changes in consumer behavior! 

Consumers these days don’t only have a lot more readily available options than what they had 10 or 20 years from now, they also want a more personalized experience from every product or service they buy. For financial institutions to grow and increase ATM transactions, they must come up with new ideas to attract customers to their machines. Using a compelling custom-designed surround to elevate your brand is one effective way of doing this.

Benefits of Using ATM Surrounds 
Apart from allowing you to attract customers, ATM surrounds serve a variety of purposes. They keep your ATMs protected against damage in harsh weather conditions. Also, they add an extra layer of security to your ATMs, encouraging customers to transact more through your installed machines. ATM frauds have become more common, due to which, transaction security has become a major concern for ATM users. Surprisingly, consumers often judge the security and safety of an ATM by its outside appearance. 

ATMs surrounds can help you enhance the appearance of your ATMs, giving a sense of security to potential ATM users that they can safely transact through your ATMs.

Why Investing in ATM Surrounds Makes Complete Sense
A lot of banks make their strategies based on the premise that ATMs are simply cash dispensing machines. Instead, they should view ATMs as an important mechanism to build and enhance customer relationships. For a large number of customers, ATMs are the only significant interaction they have with their banks, which makes it essential for financial institutions to make this point of contact more engaging, convenient, and persuasive. ATM surrounds are an inexpensive way to increase customer engagement, make users feel more secure, encourage transactions in ATMs, and ultimately, increase revenue.

Custom Backlit ATM Enclosures/Surrounds by LD Systems
LD Systems is your most reliable source for top-quality ATM equipment and related solutions. Explore our wide range of custom backlit surrounds that can be tailor-designed to suit your specific requirements. Speak with one of our consultants (972) 929-9228 to know more about our services and see how we can help you attract more customers and enhance user experience with our ATM surrounds!

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