Is your ATM safe from break-ins?

On one hand, where ATMs are rapidly getting upgraded to new technologies, such as ITMs to support various advanced features and make transactions smoother than ever, the security of these machines is becoming a major concern for banks and financial institutions. Intrusions, skimming and break-in attempts are common problems, which pose a great risk. Keeping the security of ATMs intact is not only important to ensure safer transactions but to attract more customers to the ATM. For these reasons, a lot of banks and financial institutions are investing in smart and effective ATM security solutions to stay protected. LD Systems ‘security gates for island ATMs are one such solution.

LD Systems’ security gates for island ATM have been designed to put the minds of ATM owners, outsourcing companies, and users at ease. The ATM barrier, with the new security bar, hardens the location against aggressive attempts of a break-in by intruders, as well as their attempts to tamper or destroy the machine. LD Systems offers a top-notch, fast, and reliable deployment service that allows you to secure the ATM doors of your whole fleet with our security gates in a short period.

A Visual Warning

The security solution offered by LD Systems doesn’t just work well against break-ins; it also prevents them with a visual warning. Intruders think twice before breaking into an ATM as fortified as this. Just from the look of the solid bar, intruders become careful and search for an easier target. Discourage break-ins before they even happen!

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