Is your ATM safe from break ins?


There have been many attempts on Island ATM’s and are on the rise. In the past the thieves would use crow bars, standard fork lifts, torches, diamond blade saws and drills. Most of these attempts were not successful at all. However they did destroy or do significant damage to the expensive ATM.

There is a new group of thieves that have breached the island ATMs and been in and out of the ATMs with substantial damage plus the cash in the machine. The police received a silent alarm and were there in 7 minutes and they were gone with the cash already. Last example the thieves were in and out in 1min 22sec. with $82,000 and damaged 88K ITM.

We won’t explain how they were able to achieve this in this segment, as to not educate more of these gangs.

The major banks are installing as fast as they can get them. This in turn leaves all the rest of the Banks and Credit unions as a softer target to hit.

The Security Gate is economical prevention and insurance that takes a vulnerable ATM and makes it a fortified unit.

Fortify your ATM fleet today

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