ATM break-ins increase by 150% How does this affect FI’s?

 Is it right that your ATMs are being preyed upon by thieves? Recent studies commented on by The Wall Street Journal say that ATM break-ins have increased by 150% from 2019-2021. Island machines have become easy prey for these crime rings that sometimes hit up to 7-10 machines a night.

Recent breach in FL. Source: ABC news

As we have seen COVID seems to have had a dramatic effect on the break-in numbers over the last year. Throwing the numbers very high.  We have also seen that COVID has pushed us rapidly towards unmanned transactions and an Island ATM is a key part of FI’s today.

When we normally get calls to come out and install security solutions, people are distraught and feeling somewhat violated by a recent attack on their branch. There will always be a threat, but there is a way to FIGHT BACK against that threat now. Not just with hardware, but with integrated monitoring systems.

You should be able to give your customer the service your competitor is giving, without fear of incurring a huge cost due to an ATM break-in. The average cost of an ATM that has been broken into is as follows:

Loss of machine—$55,000  TO $80,000

Shipping/install         6,000

Avg cash loss          160,000

New machine           55,000

Total est. costs      $276.000

lf you only stopped 1 attack it would pay for approximately 46 locations.

Other competitors lower construction standards and don’t have the security options in order to lower their price.

Security is not something we take lightly. We would rather provide a superior product with a patented locking system, active proprietary attack defense with new alarming options as the TOP product on the market.

There is one or two other MFG out there that cost less by cutting corners.
Often we are called in to help clean up the mess when their gates fail, followed by us installing a full solution.

We do not disclose all info about our systems online due to security risks. For more info and a video of strength tests on our system, Contact Us now.

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