ATM Break-in cost bank over $260K

It took 1 minute and 23 seconds for criminals to rip open the ATM and escape with the cash.

We had a customer come looking for our solution because they had just had a break-in. Their break-in resulted in;

Loss of machine $88,000

Shipping/install $6,000

Cash loss $82,000

New machine $88,000

Total est. costs $264.000

If you only stopped 1 attack it would pay for approximately 44 locations worth of gates.

The solution has arrived, our Security Gate with a patented locking system. The gate hardens your location against aggressive attempts for break-in protecting the integrity of your machine.

Remote monitoring now available with LIVE updates directly from your ATM gate.

Patented Lock Design

The patented lock hardens our gate from being opened by unauthorized personnel.

With ATM break-ins on the rise, securing your Island machines is a must.

*Due to the security nature of this lock and gate, we don’t disclose all features on the web.

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