Many ATMs are not safe

An old enemy returns. ATM jackpotting is on the rise.

A recent letter sent out by several ATM manufactures including Hyosung shows Secret Service reports of ATM hackers entering the U.S. Specifically with the intent of hacking into ATMs by using a method used before “Jackpotting”.

The United States Secret Service has confirmed that groups believed to be from Venezuela are entering the US with declared intentions to launch malware attacks on vulnerable ATMs.

“Jackpotting” is when someone loads malware or they put a USB in the ATM that tricks the ATM to dispense all of its cash. This is an old enemy we have faced before, but now it seems to have mutated into a new threat. The vast majority of ATMs today lack these security products, leaving financial institutions at risk of financial loss, but there is good news.

You can purchase hard drive encryption and whitelisting products from LD Systems. Our solution is tailored to the ATM environment and provides both hard drive encryption and whitelisting to help prevent criminals from installing malware.

This is an urgent issue for our industry, but the good news is there is a way to protect from this virus.

To find out how you can get protected now contact us now.

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