Interactive Teller Machines (ITM)

Are You Considering an Upgrade?

Introducing the future of remote teller functions.

Technological innovations are transforming ways banks and financial institutions used to operate and communicate with their customers. Interactive Teller Machine (ITM) is considered the next big thing in the business, specially designed to provide users with a much better and more interactive banking experience. The machines are an upgrade to the conventional Automated Teller Machines which have been there for nearly half a century now. Apart from offering the basic functionality of an ATM—cash withdrawal, funds deposit, balance inquiry, ITMs also connect the customer with a bank representative (making use of the live video technology) for more personalized service. In a highly competitive business world where customers are more tech-savvy than ever, to maintain profitability and ensure better customer experience, there is a definite need for banks and financial institutions to upgrade to Interactive Teller Machines in Texas to optimize the self-service channel.

Benefits of ITM Upgrade for Financial Institutions & Banks
Financial institutions and banks with Interactive Teller Machines benefit in different ways. ITMs allow you to:

* Increase Business Opportunities – ITMs are precisely built machines designed to manage routine self-service transactions seamlessly, and they can handle employee-assisted transactions—either in person or via video link—when required. ITMs reduce manual customer handling to a great extent, allowing you to deploy your staff to identify new growth opportunities for your bank. You can work on new strategies to expand your territory and earn more profit.

* Offer Better Service to Remote Customers with More Efficiency – By placing ITM units in remote locations, you can offer better service to your remote customers without having to actually build a new branch. The result? More efficiency in bank operations as it enables your branch to handle more transactions with existing resources.

* Stand Out – Though a lot of banks and financial institutions are now upgrading to ITM banking machines, the technology is still fairly new and can help you get an edge in the market and exceed clients’ expectations. These days, customers want quick, safe and efficient financial management solutions. By supporting self-service and assisted transactions from a single terminal, you can offer them just that.

Choose LD Systems as your ITM Service Provider
ITM upgrade is indeed very promising but the up-gradation process can be challenging. Just like ATMs, ITMs are far from being simple machines, and also subject to regulatory and compliance issues. LD Systems can make the ITM installation process a breeze, preventing you from committing costly mistakes! Call us today at (972) 929-9228 for a free consultation.

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