Maintain Customer Loyalty in a digital age

Interactive teller machines, mobile banking, online banking. All of these have huge benefits and have made banking more accessible for people all over the world. So what is the downside to this incredible new platform? Now physical bankers and tellers seem obsolete to this new generation, with the exception of implementing ITM machines. This allows the Tellers to be transformed into a more consulting position and or concierge. They would concentrate on other time required interface for items such as loans, account servicing, investments to name a few.   

This however is only one part of the customer experience.  The  long-time   statement “He/she is my banker” has been the mainstay of our industry. Picking up the phone and calling your banker was the norm. The need for a loan, investment advice, help with speeding up a mortgage for a client or self was more personal because of??? 


Our new world where everything is automated does two things:

1. Provides a more efficient and economical way to serve a vast quantity of clients quickly.  

2. Alienates people who once had a face-to-face relationship with their banker.   

When we rely on automation PRIMARILY to communicate there is a huge gap in the efficacy of that relationship.   

When our clients can never actually speak with a live person that is well trained, we become just another Financial facility. Yes, the new ITM with a teller that pops up on the screen is more to that end. However, that is just a small part of what we want in our banking experience. The whole idea is taking those low revenue high-cost transactions and move to automation without losing some of the personal interaction. The goal should be to refer that client or future client to the person that can become or remain their “Personal Banker” 

Every person should walk away not feeling “That’s where I bank” but “He/she is my banker.”

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